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Phoenix Rising 

A hub of curated resources for team coaches, workshop facilitators and trainers to build their own practice and toolkits.

We are creating an experience

Where Empowerment Begins!

We are on a heartfelt mission to empower leadership development practitioners like you. If you are a team coach, a workshop facilitator, or a trainer our curated range of resources can be used to build your own practice and impact.

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What You Will Get

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Pre-Designed Learning Content

The Leadership Book Club

These resources are strategically designed to create a shift from current state to desired future state with your own clients. Both bite size and full size content can be used in their entirety or in parts.

The Leadership Book Club is a vibrant community of leaders who dive into captivating leadership literature every quarter. Thought-provoking books carefully selected to stimulate discussions on leadership, personal development, and innovation

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Getting Real  Podcast Feature

Get featured in our Getting Real Podcast and share your insights, experiences, and success stories with our global audience of HR and Leadership listeners. 

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1-on-1 Consultation

Experience personalized guidance with a 1 on 1 consult with Afsheen. A seasoned leadership advisor and coach, Afsheen understands your unique challenges, provides tailored strategies, and supports your professional growth.

What You Get

Why spend time recreating the wheel?

We Have What You Need

Have an important workshop to design on key leadership topics but you're not sure where to start or are running out of time? 

Wish you had access to tried and true content that will definitely land with your corporate clients?

Searching for a comprehensive package of slides and facilitator notes and resources and hand-outs on current leadership challenges?

Need a thought partner to bounce ideas off of when you're preparing for an important leadership offsite?

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We're making all our content and experience accessible to you so you can focus on creating value and impact, not just slides. Now you can access a repository of content which we've used successfully with our global FMCG, Beverages and Pharma clients. And every month we will add more continue to expand our library with new content!

Bite Size Content

Quick and Easy-to-Understand

Bite-Size Learning Content

This section offer content that can be delivered in under half a day. Get quick and easy-to-understand decks and resources that are perfect for busy facilitators like you.


Instead of spending hours creating slides, you can grab these ready-made materials and support resources to deliver your sessions instantly or tailor to your own needs.


With our bite-sized learning content, you'll have more time to focus on what really matters – delivering impactful workshops and making a difference.

Plus, gain access to fresh, updated content every month, ensuring your sessions stay current and engaging.

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Comprehensive Library of Resources

Full-Size Learning Content

This section offers content which spans 1 or more days of delivery.


Dive into our comprehensive library of resources designed to support facilitators in their journey to becoming even better at what they do.

From decks to support resources, our full-size learning content covers a range of topics focused on leadership development.

And as part of our commitment to your growth, we update our library regularly, ensuring you always have access to the latest insights and methodologies.

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Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Leadership Book Club

Join our exclusive Leadership Book Club and gain access to a world of knowledge and insights from top leadership literature.
Engage in discussions with diverse leaders, share your perspectives, and learn from others' experiences.
With our carefully selected books, you'll discover new ideas and strategies to enhance your leadership skills and take your facilitation game to the next level.

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Book Club

Personalized Advice and Support

Consultation with Afsheen Ismail Wey

Take advantage of a complimentary consultation session with Afsheen Ismail Wey, an expert in Leadership and HR Advisory.


Whether you're a seasoned facilitator looking for fresh ideas or a beginner seeking guidance, Afsheen is here to help.


Get personalized advice and support tailored to your specific needs and goals and unlock new possibilities for growth and success in your coaching journey.

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1 on 1 Consult

Amplify Your Voice

Chance to Get Featured on Getting Real Podcast

Share your stories, experiences, and insights with a wider audience by appearing on our Getting Real Podcast.


As a Leader, you have valuable knowledge and perspectives to share, and our podcast provides the perfect platform to amplify your voice.


Whether you want to share a success story, discuss a challenge you've overcome, or offer valuable tips and advice, this is your opportunity to inspire others and make a meaningful impact in the Leadership Community.

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Get Featured

Remember, this journey is yours to enjoy and explore at your own pace. Feel free to take your time and make the most out of yourMembership experience.

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