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Inclusive, Adaptive, Innovative Leadership

We are obsessed with Leadership Development. It's what we love doing every day!

Our super power is in holding inspiring and deeply safe spaces for leaders and leadership teams to courageously develop, adapt, and amplify their ability to deliver measurable and sustained results.


Our unique skillset is designing tailored development interventions based on current leadership practices across the leadership lifecycle, which is reflected in our copyrighted leadership development model. We work in close partnership with our clients to grow leadership capability, drive leadership engagement, and maximize leadership impact.


We partner with leaders in organizations in the FMCG, Pharma and Beverages sectors to ensure that they thrive as authentic leaders, that they become role-models to future leaders and enablers of inspiring cultures, and their influence extends far beyond the boardroom and beyond the present.


We work exclusively with a diverse group of ICF Certified Leadership and Executive Coaches to deliver all of our leadership interventions, utilizing Coaching as a fundamental enabler of all of our initiatives. Our diverse team of Associates reflects the changing face of leadership in the organizations which we proudly partner with.

Our Leadership Interventions

Our Leadership Interventions across the Leadership Lifecycle include the following:

Interventions for Leaders

  • Executive Coaching on Leadership, Career, Performance, Work Life Balance, DEIB

  • Crises Response Coaching (Examples: Political Crises, Large Scale Lay-offs etc)

  • DEIB Sensitivity VR Experience and Coach Debrief

  • Leader Assessments

    • AQAI Adaptability Assessment

    • MBTI Assessment

    • HBDI Assessment

  • First 90 Day Strategic Onboarding Experience

  • New Leader Assimilation

Interventions for Leadership Teams

  • Systemic Team Coaching

  • Connected Team Offsites

  • Team Strategy Development (all include Pre-Assessment, Debrief, 6-12 Month Post Intervention Assessment):

    • Lead the Organization

    • Team with Each Other

    • Adapt and Lead through Change

  • Team DEIB Strategy Development

    • DEIB Sensitivity VR Experience and Debrief

    • Develop a DEIB Vision, Mission, Values

    • Amplify DEIB Commitments and Impact

  • Team Non-Biased Strategy Development to ensure Equity Impact and Inclusive Decision Making through Change

Our Workshop Offerings

Our leadership capability workshop offerings have included the following:

 Leading Self

Leading Teams

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Coach to Lead

  • Adopt a Growth Mindset

  • Adaptable Leadership

  • Leading with Purpose

  • Mastering Crucial Conversations

  • Self Awarenress

  • Awareness

  • Acceptance

  • Regulation

  • Decision Making in a VUCA world

  • Leading Diverse Teams

  • Leading in Uncertainty


  • Trust in Teams

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Healthy Conflict

  • Team Commitment

  • Team Effectiveness and

  • Accountability

  • Team Results

  • Team Adaptability


  • DEIB Fundamentals

  • Cultural Competence

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Profound Belonging

  • Disability Inclusion

  • Generational Differences

  • DEIB and Adaptablity


Client Testimonial

Diageo Eastern Europe

Listen in to our clients at Diageo, Michael Holm GM Eastern Europe and Agnes Dalos, HR Director Diageo Eastern Europe.

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